Sofilantjes’ Orbis Skinny Harem Blog Tour

Orbis Skinny Harems Blog TourI am really excited to be one of today’s stops on the Orbis Skinny Harem Blog Tour! Sofilantjes Patterns are among my favorite to work with. I love how unique they are, and how well the mesh with fun fabrics. Be sure you scroll down to the bottom and catch the other stops on the tour. There are some really awesome seamstresses out there participating.

About the Orbis Skinny Harem Pattern

The Orbis Skinny Harem pattern* combines room in the crotch (perfect for those still in diapers…but also really comfy for the older kids) with fashion-forward detailing including a diagonal mock-fly adorned with buttons or snaps (your choice) and faced orb-shaped pockets. The elastic waistband can either have a drawstring and grommets or not. I chose to not use the drawstring in the two pairs I made since my models are still pretty small. The pattern comes in sizes 12 months – 14 and is unisex.

One of the things I love about sewing is that you can make clothes that fit children perfectly. The one year old is wearing a straight size 18 months in the Orbis Skinny Harem, and the three-year old is wearing a size 12 months blended to a size 2 length. This makes for a great fit.

About My Pattern and Fabric Choices

Now, because I love the patterns put out by Anne Jacobs of Sofilantjes so much, I decided that for the tour I would make two complete outfits using the Orbis Skinny Harem pattern*, the forthcoming Cicero Jacket pattern, the Otium Sweater pattern*, and the ADVTee pattern*. I had some houndstooth hanging around from some projects I completed last year, so I decided to use that as my fabric of inspiration. I then added this black Lammy Euro sweater knit fabric (from Mabel Madison) to the mix. The cream is a knit I had on hand, also from a earlier project. I sewed up a storm! And then, because I had to, I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut heat transfer vinyl and some fabric for appliques.

The Boy’s Orbis Skinny Harem Pants Outfit

The boy model is wearing the Orbis in a size 18 months, the ADVTee in a size 18 months, and the forthcoming Cicero Jacket in a size 12 months (it will be released on Friday evening for U.S. readers, 2/10/2017). I really love how this outfit came out. The fit is great. The pants are made with that Lammy Euro sweater knit. I used the houndstooth for the pockets and the leg bands. I did use HTV on the pocket (glasses) but it’s hard to see. The jacket is made with the houndstooth, and I used the Lammy for the collar, arm bands, and waistband and the cream colored fabric for the pockets. These pieces sewed up quickly. It took me a lot longer to cut out the pieces for this outfit than it did to sew the outfit from start to finish. The Orbis Skinny Harem pants were the quickest of the lot. (Note: HE was not having the photo session!)

The Girl’s Orbis Skinny Harem Pants Outfit

For the girl’s outfit, I used the houndstooth fabric on the pants, with the Lammy for the waistband and leg cuffs and the cream fabric for the pockets. On her Orbis Skinny Harems, I went ahead and created silhouettes for the pocket linings. To go with the pants, I made her the Otium sweater using the cream knit. I chose to do the bow back version of the pattern, and then I layered glitter and black HTV on the front of the shirt. I really, really love this outfit on her.

Coordinated Outfits For the Win!

It was a lot of fun making these two match – without creating outfits that match 100%!

Visit the Other Stops on the Sofilantjes’ Orbis Skinny Harems Blog Tour!

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Sew A Piece of Joy, Droomstoffen, Adventures With Bubba and Bug, Colorita Design, Pattern Revolution, MoonStar – WonderMirakel (for the Sofilantjes blog), Ronda B. Handmade, Sew Cucio, Annas HeirloomBoutique, TurtleBirdies, Inspiration, Tales of a Tester, Kreatita, Pear Berry Lane

Thank you for stopping by Ronda B. Handmade. Please share your thoughts on the tour in the comments section! You can purchase the Orbis Skinny Harems Pattern and others at the Sofilantjes web store*.

Be sure to join my Facebook Group for information on how to have me create custom-made children’s clothing for your family. 

*This post contains affiliate links. Should you click on a link and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, you will be helping to support my family.

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