Sofilantjes Cicero Jacket Test


2017-02-07-12-51-23Recently, I got to test the new Cicero Jacket by Sofilantjes.* You may remember I made the short sleeve version of this jacket a few weeks ago when I participated in the Orbis Skinny Harems Blog Tour (pictured to the left). There are a few different options for this pattern – long sleeves, short sleeves; color blocked or not; and hood or collar. The pattern uses a separating zipper, and you’ll want to use a stable knit or sweater knit when making it. I wound up making three different versions of the jacket through the pre-testing and testing phases. It’s a really nice option for the transition period of spring – when you still need something to keep your arms warm, but you want something light enough to be comfortable.

If you’d like me to make a custom version of this jacket for your child, I can. The pattern is unisex, for sizes 12m-14y. You can contact me through email, through my shop’s Facebook page, or through my Facebook group for more information about how you can have me make a stylish jacket or other custom clothing for your child.

This is the size 12 months on my 1-year-old model

*This is an affiliate link. Purchasing the pattern through this link will provide me with a small commission at no extra cost to you.



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