Celebrating Summer: Sofilantjes 3rd Anniversary Mini Tour

It’s Sofilantjes 3rd Anniversary! The first pattern I tested for Anne was the Otium top for women.  Anne has designed 7 summer dresses – enough for at least one week of dresses. Of course, each dress has multiple options, making it so that you could create several dresses to last your little gal quite a while. The seven summer dresses are the: Summer Surprise, Iridis, Brueram, Amare, Solis. Litore, and the just-released Mantica (Affiliate links). The only two of those dresses I hadn’t made up until now are the Summer Surprise and the Amare. I chose to make the Amare for the mini blog tour.

The thing I like the most about the patterns put out by Sofilantjes is that they are unique. Each of the dresses is distinct from the others and from patterns other designers have created. Each of the patterns has its own funky modern feel to it without being over the top – and each of these patterns is classic enough to not look dated a couple of years from its release. Be sure to read to the end and enter the giveaway!

1. Summer Surprise Dress, Tunic, and Top

As of now, this is the only Sofilantjes summer dress pattern I haven’t yet made – not from lack of trying. I have the pattern, I have fabric for the dress. I just have to make it. This is an a-line style knit dress with a bow on the back. The front offers a lot of opportunities for customization.

2. Iridis Wrap Dress

I made two versions of the Iridis Dress for my little gal. This cute wrap dress has a v-neck, and two skirt options (paneled and ruffled) – this becomes four skirt options when you get the circle skirt (circle skirt, color blocked/paneled circle skirt) add-on or the bundle. I made a woven version (the Hawaiian print) and a knit version (the black and light blue check), both using the circle-skirt add-on. Believe it or not, both still fit my gal, 2 years later, though she wears leggings under them now.

3. Brueram Top and Dresses

I also made two versions of this dress. The big feature here is an elastic-smocked back. Options for this pattern include a top-length, maxi length, and tulip-style skirt. Both the versions I made of this dress used the tulip-style skirt option. My little gal also still wears the yellow version of this dress, though it’s finally starting to be too small for her – in width. I keep forgetting how much I love the Brueram dress, and I need to make her a couple more for this summer.

4. Amare Top and Dress

This is the other dress that I hadn’t made prior to this post. This is a great dress, meant for woven fabrics. There are top and dress versions, and you can make the dress or top with a bow in front, bow in back, or both. My version is the dress with the bow in front and bow in back (Miss 3 is a huge fan of bows now).

5. Solis Tunic and Dress

This dress is great for summer – I love the back detail on it, the smooth front bodice, and the fact that it has pockets. There are two skirt options – a circle skirt or a pleated skirt. I made the dress-length with the circle skirt. I made this one in a vintage fabric and then used stretch lace for the back accent. I still love this dress.

6. Litore Tunic and Dress(es) with Maxi

I’ve made three of these for my gal. The back has a fun strap pattern that makes it perfect for summer, and there are three skirt options – high-low, handkerchief, and a-line – with two different lengths for each option. You can also switch the bodice and bottoms between this dress and the Solis dress pattern for more options. I made the maxi-length a-line, and two different handkerchief skirt dresses. The Litore was released at the same time as the Aura Bolero, which makes a nice lightweight jacket for summer sun protection or a warmer jacket if you choose to take these dresses into fall.

Mantica Dress and Tunic

This is the most recent release from Sofilantjes Patterns. This is a sportier style for the summer. There are three back options and two skirt options – including a gathered skirt. This dress, like the Solis and Litore, has pockets options. You can have a lot of fun with color with this dress (as you can the others), and you can have fun with the pockets on the straight skirt option.

Giveaway and Tour Sponsors

Be sure you visit the other stops on the mini-tour, and sign up for the giveaway!

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Friday – Sew A Piece of Joy, MoonStar – Wondermirakel

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Please be sure to join the Ronda B. Handmade Group on Facebook for information on how you could have me custom make one of these dresses in a fabric of your choice.

Which is your favorite dress?

13 thoughts on “Celebrating Summer: Sofilantjes 3rd Anniversary Mini Tour

  1. I love all the summer-dresses you’ve made. You should make the summer surprise to complete your collection 😉


    1. Wow so many beautiful dresses!!
      I like all of the dresses, but the litore and the nivallis are my favorite. 😄


  2. What I like most about Sofilantjes patterns is that every single one looks unique. I have made a few sweaters and a Solis dress so far. I’m still surprised by a lot of new posts in the Sofilantjes FB group when I look at the different options and combinations + hacks. Not enough hours in a day to try them all.


  3. Wow, what a great overview of all the summer dresses. I would love to have a daughter like yours, so I could try them all too, but mine is more a “boy-type”. But… luckily the new Mantica is more her style and I was allowed to make one for her 😊! And I really love the result. So this will be my favourite.


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