Sew Long Summer Blog Tour: Cozy Lounging Outfit

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m slightly obsessed with squirrels and owls. That’s why when I saw this great squirrel-rabbit thing owl fabric available from Mabel Madison,knew I had to make something with it. For the longest time, I wasn’t sure what I was going to make. Then, I saw the Dublin Dolman designed by New Horizons, and thought “That would be perfect for this fabric.” I paired it with some double brushed poly from So Sew English and thought that it plus some cozy athletic leggings made from athletic poly and 5 Out of 4 Patterns’ Ninja Leggings would be a great “hello fall, sew long summer” outfit. And what do you know, Melissa Evans was putting together this great blog tour.

Putting my outfit together was a bit of an adventure with three kids under four all deciding that they would take turns sleeping these past couple of weeks. But I pulled it together and we managed to get some fun photos of me savoring my pumpkin spice latte before the storm rolled in completely. It’s definitely a comfortable outfit, and I got to put my boots on and pull out my favorite scarves. One, the golden one, is from Italy, and was a gift from my in-laws. The other is one my husband bought me on our first Christmas Eve as a married couple after church services.

Fall is my favorite season, and I’m so happy to have been part of this tour. I had not previously made either of these patterns, so it was a great excuse to do a little selfish sewing that I’ve been meaning to do as I’ve been losing the baby weight.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have a pumpkin spice latte to go enjoy. (Be sure you visit all the other stops on this fun tour. There are some super-talented people on it! Links are after the photos.)


Monday: Sewing by Ti, Sewing Vortex, Sewing A La Carte, Very Blissful

Tuesday: mahlicadesigns, My Heart Will So On, Couturious, Anne-Mari Sews, Adventures With Bubba and Bug

Wednesday: Tenilles Thread, Sewing with D, mahlicadesigns

Thursday: Indulging Mom, MeMade, Sewing with D

Friday: Little Heart Threads, Idlesunshine, Ronda B. Handmade, Tales of a Tester, Sewing à la Carte, Tales From A Southern Mom, Sew Haute Blog

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