Sofilantjes Cessim Shirt

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Last week, I was able to help Anne Jacobs at Sofilantjes test the latest pattern: The Cessim Shirt. This fun color-blocked shirt has multiple options, including:

  • Rounded or V-neckline
  • Side color blocking and color blocked bodice options
  • Short, half, or long sleeves
  • Long sleeves have color block options

I made what is known in the pattern as “View B” in size 3 for my large 2 year old with a rounded neckband and short sleeves.

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About the Cessim Shirt Pattern

This is a more intermediate pattern from Sofilantjes, but it still comes together nicely. Those who haven’t had experience with neckbands or sewing curves would do well to make a muslin first and slow down their machines. As always, optional topstitching adds a nice touch and helps the fabric to lay flat. Since my machines were wanting servicing (they’re at the “spa” now for a couple weeks), I skipped the topstitching on my test garment and opted to use a zig-zag stitch for the hems.

About the Robots Fabric

I purchased this fabric from Mabel Madison. It’s a very supple Euro French Terry. Unfortunately, I believe the owner has sold out of this one, but she has some other fun fabrics in stock that would work well for this pattern – including new glow in the dark fabric. (I’m totally going to have to get some of that and horde it for months). The yellow fabric is from Peekaboo Fabric. I had been hor–er–saving it to use with a panel I purchased from them some time ago, but found that I liked it paired with this fabric. It’s a cotton lycra knit and held up well to the French Terry.

The photos:

My little guy LOVED his shirt and I had to wrestle him to get it off to launder it. He did not love standing for photos! (Isn’t that just how 2 year olds are?

The Sale

The Cessim shirt pattern is on sale from now until Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 5:55 PM Central Standard Time/23:55 CET for €5.00 (about $5.80 in USD).

For information about ordering a custom Cessim made for your child, contact me today.

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