Ronda B. Handmade is owned and operated by Ronda Bowen in Wichita, Kansas. The store was founded in 2015 as a way to sell handmade goods to those looking for unique styles and custom fits. Items included sewn garments, beaded jewelry, and decorative items for your home. High quality and timeless style is the goal of everything made and shipped out to customers. Word of mouth marketing is important to the future of Ronda B. Handmade and the brands created by Ronda Bowen.


Smashed Metatoes™ is a line of children’s clothing that is custom-made to fit your child. When you have a child, as many of us do, who wears a different size going by chest measurements (or waist, or hip) and height, it can be really frustrating to shop for clothing. Ronda Bowen began sewing for her children as a way to ensure they had stylish clothing that also fit properly and would last. She then made the decision to expand sewing for her family’s use to sewing for customers. When ordering a Smashed Metatoes™ product, you will be asked for your child’s measurements to be sure that the garment provided for you will be the best fit possible for your child’s body.


Beadiful Bliss™ is a line of handmade jewelry. Ronda Bowen began making beaded jewelry and selling it to family and friends as a tween. Since her early days of using craft supplies in fun ways, she likes to mix materials. You’ll find wood beads mixed with sterling silver, granite and pearls, glass beads, and other combinations in her work.

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